Joe Biden’s Dept. of Energy Blocked Texas from Increasing Power Ahead of Killer Storm for Green Energy Standards

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Frozen People all Thanks to Leftist Green Energy Demands.

Reports show, Leftist green energy standards lead to deaths by freezing in Texas.

An Emergency Order from the Biden administration’s Department of Energy shows Texas energy grid operator ERCOT was instructed to stay within green energy standards by purchasing energy from outside the state at a higher cost, throttling power output throughout the state ahead of a catastrophic polar vortex.

Department of Energy document, confirmed to be authentic, showing Texas begging for federal authorization to increase power!

The order shows Biden Acting Energy Secretary David Huizenga did not waive environmental restrictions to allow for maximum energy output, instead ordering ERCOT to utilize all resources in order to stay within acceptable emissions standards – including purchasing energy from outside the state.

“ERCOT anticipates that this Order may result in exceedance of emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury, and carbon monoxide emissions, as well as wastewater release limits,” the order states. “To minimize adverse environmental impacts, this Order limits operation of dispatched units to the times and within the parameters determined by ERCOT for reliability purposes.”

The EO shows the Biden administration ordered ERCOT to throttle its energy output by forcing it to comply with environmental green energy standards, while knowing full well Texans could freeze to death in their homes with zero electricity as temperatures plunged into the single digits.

The cold has killed the young and the old. It has claimed lives from southern Texas to northern Ohio.
The two major winter storms that have plunged most of the United States into an Arctic chill have killed at least 58 people since Sunday, according to data compiled by The Washington Post.

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