“I Don’t Think There’s a More Important Issue than Election Integrity” – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Will Address Election Integrity at GOP Attorneys General Meeting Next Week (VIDEO)

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Saturday morning.

Paxton spoke about how we must ensure fair and lawful elections in the future of this country after the 2020 debacle.

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The Texas AG is going to address election integrity with the GOP Attorneys General at their annual meeting this coming week.

Steve Bannon: Attorney General Paxton, you’ve been a great supporter of President Trump, what are you looking forward to tomorrow? As you anticipate that speech what would you like to hear him say as part of that speech? What are things you would be particularly looking for and you think our audience ought to look for?

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AG Ken Paxton: I think there’s still a vacuum of leadership in the Republican Party with him out. And I think people are still looking at him. He’s still the most popular Republican in the United States. He’s the person who so many grassroots people look to for a vision. I would encourage him to cast a vision. Where he thinks we ought to go, going as a party, going as a country. And address things like election fraud. Address things like what’s going on with the tech companies…

Steve Bannon: Look you mention election integrity there. That’s one of the huge topics we focus on every day whether it’s from Georgia or Pennsylvania. Given that Texas knows how to run an election. Given that you’re the guy that said, “No Dominion Election Systems. We’re not interested…” And you were the leader in the lawsuit that should have gone forward, right? You took the leadership of that. Are you prepared, are you working with other states to help them get sorted? Particularly in Georgia and Pennsylvania which were a nightmare and Arizona. Where you’ve seen leadership in those parties back off from taking leadership. Are you Ken Paxton reaching out to people? Are you there in CPAC saying, “Hey we know how Texas can take the lead in this.”

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Ken Paxton: Yes, so I’m talking to whoever I can. I’m talking to leaders all over the country. We got a meeting of Republican Attorneys General coming up this week where I’m going to address the very issue you’re talking about. I don’t think there’s a more important issue than election integrity because if we go forward with what happened in this last election Americans will never know whether our elections are credible. And that destroys a democracy and puts us in positions more like Venezuela than it does the America we all know and love.

Steve Bannon: Well this is on Mitch McConnell. 300,000 didn’t show up in Georgia… I’ve been giving talks to CPAC crowds all week. If you don’t show them you can sort out November 3rd and they don’t believe you’ve sorted it out, don’t ask for their money in 2022. Twenty percent of the MAGA movement and the media knows this… Every legal vote counts, every certifiable vote counts. Every chain of custody vote counts. If we show that we’re going to get 100% of the people out to vote.

Via the Bannon War Room:

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