Peter Navarro: “Donald J. Trump Built This Big Beautiful Wall” But Joe Biden and the People Controlling Him Decided to Kill the Whole Thing

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The border is a total mess now after only a few weeks of Biden’s policies on the border.

President Trump’s brilliant advisor Peter Navarro was on the War Room where he discussed the situation at the border.  It’s really simple according to Navarro:

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This guy here, Donald J. Trump, built this big beautiful wall. This gentleman over here, Customs and Border Protection, is a lot safer today because of these kinds of walls, and this whole edifice is collapsed because Joe Biden and the people who are controlling him, decided to kill, what we talked about in the situation room, the single greatest incentive for people to not come here which was that agreement with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries to stay on that side of the border.

Now here’s some news for ya, breaking news Steve.  What has to happen right now is every single candidate running for the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2022, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, needs to do this.  They need to take the secure borders pledge…

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