Pima County Officials Spy on Medical Doctor After He Speaks Out Against Local Mask Mandate

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Dr. Josh Dopko, an Emergency Room doctor who doesn’t even live in Pima County, Arizona was spied on for weeks, had his social media monitored, and investigated for speaking out against the Tucson mask mandates.

All of the information was then given to Pima County’s Health Department.

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Garret Lewis at KNST posted an email that was given to Dr. Dopko.

Local authorities were spying on him and put together a report on a protest he was participating in.

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Garret Lewis added, “Things are so insane in communist Pima county (Tucson). An ER doctor spoke out against Pima county’s mask mandate and covid restrictions that the county and health department had a deputy spy on him. The name on the top of the email is the communist and always wrong Pima county health department director, Theresa Cullen. Crazy woman. This is the memo leaked to Dr. Josh Dopko by a Pima County Sheriff’s Department employee showing that Pima County’s Health Department used law enforcement to spy on him.”

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This is very disturbing. They are actually spying on a medical doctor who has an opposing view!
What happened to this country?

Source material can be found at this site.

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