will live stream the upcoming Tulsa event on April 16th and 17th, featuring Lin Wood, Andy Wakefield, Gen. Flynn, Dr. Simone Gold and many more

Image: will live stream the upcoming Tulsa event on April 16th and 17th, featuring Lin Wood, Andy Wakefield, Gen. Flynn, Dr. Simone Gold and many more
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The ThriveTimeShow LIVE conference from Tulsa is happening this Friday and Saturday, starting at 11 am on both days. The entire event will be streamed for free at, using Brighteon’s new streaming engine which is currently in beta.

Over 4,500 people will be in attendance at the live event, and 50,000 people called to get tickets. We are live streaming the event and covering all the costs as a way to say “Thank you!” for your support and to help spread the word of truth, healing, liberty and faith (the event is taking place at a large Bible school).

You will be able to watch the event at

As this is our first large-scale live streaming event, there may be glitches in the streaming. We built a new, multi-server streaming engine with peer-to-peer data sharing capabilities, and we have Brighteon engineers standing by to address any issues that may occur. If the live stream is interrupted on your computer, just refresh the page and restart the stream. (We do not yet have live chat features, so there’s no interaction with the live stream at this point.) If you miss any speakers, standalone videos will be posted later.

You can see who’s speaking at this page. I am scheduled to speak at 5 pm central time on Friday evening, but you should expect times to shift later into the evening, as it’s nearly impossible to keep such events on schedule. The event features a new speaker every 30 minutes, starting at 11 am and running through at least 9 pm central time, both on Friday and Saturday. (My guess is that speakers may continue until well past 10 pm…)

After the event, we will post the video of each speaker on, so if you missed any of the speakers, you can still catch their 30 minute presentation later on Brighteon. We don’t yet know the exact schedule of when those videos will be posted, but it should be within a few days after the event.

My presentation is about “The Contagious Mind”

My own presentation is about “The Contagious Mind,” which is also the title of a new, free audiobook that will soon be available for a full download at

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This topic builds on the work of Rupert Sheldrake, author of A New Science of Life, offering a kind of “user’s guide” to understanding and invoking morphic resonance to achieve high-level outcomes for humanity, rooted in liberty, love, consciousness and God’s gifts to humankind.

Morphic fields are habits of nature that rely on what I call “God’s cloud storage” system, which is an entirely natural, ever-present cosmic phenomenon that allows conscious beings to share knowledge and ideas without relying on technology or permission from any government.

My live presentation is 30 minutes and barely scratches the surface. It features incredible images and video microscopy from my laboratory, where we capture morphic fields in action as we explore the polymorphism of xylitol crystals, growing in real time.

I will be posting a series of videos and audio commentary on all this after the Tulsa event, with more details. The full audio book is about 7 hours in length.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event Watch the full, free live stream from Tulsa and watch for the individual presenters’ speeches to be posted on Brighteon over the next week or so.

These are extraordinary times. Humanity is about to awaken to a whole new reality that’s rooted in truth and abundance rather than the lies and scarcity being pushed by the demonic entities who think they’re still in charge.

Source material can be found at this site.

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