Weak GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Promises to Bring Action Against Maxine Waters for Inciting Riots But ONLY IF Pelosi Does Nothing

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On Saturday night Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) flew to Minnesota Saturday to stir up the hate on the streets.

The verdict on the George Floyd case is expected this week and Minnesota authorities are bracing for massive violence once again.

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Waters urged violent leftists to “get more confrontational” with authorities. 

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On Sunday night GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy weighed in on Maxine’s trip to Minnesota to encourage violence in the Twin Cities.

McCarthy promised to bring action against Maxine Waters for inciting riots IF Nancy Pelosi does nothing.

This seems weak?

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Maxine is promoting mass violence in a city that that saw over 1,000 businesses damaged or destroyed in 2020. She also threatened the jury to indict the police officer or face the wrath of violent protesters!

Kevin McCarthy does not need to wait for Pelosi to act.
This is really a weak move.
But then again, he’s afraid to expel horrible Liz Cheney from leadership so that tells you something.

Source material can be found at this site.

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