NBC News Deceptively Edits Bodycam Footage So Viewers Don’t See Knife in Ma’Kiyah Bryant’s Hand Moments Before Officer Shoots Her Dead (VIDEO)

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NBC News deceptively edited police bodycam footage so their viewers wouldn’t see the knife in 15-year-old Ma’Kiyah Bryant’s hand moments before a Columbus officer shot her dead.

NBC also deceptively edited the 911 call to omit the part where the caller says a girl was “trying to stab us.”

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NBC anchor Lester Holt began the segment by showing a picture of a smiling Ma’Kiyah Bryant to make her look innocent.

Omitting the fact that the teen was wielding a large knife and attempting to stab someone is willful deception.

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Via Newsbusters:

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According to Newsbusters, ABC and CBS were actually honest (for once) and showed the part where Ma’Kiyah Bryant was trying to stab another female.

ABC and CBS also played the important part of the 911 call : “These grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us,” the caller said.

The police bodycam footage released by the Columbus mayor showed Makiyah Bryant attempting to stab someone as the officer acted swiftly and opened fire, fatally striking her.

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Source material can be found at this site.

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