BREAKING: Arizona Judge Recuses Himself From Election Audit Case To Be Settled in the Morning After Democrats Shop Around and Hire New Attorney Who Previously Interned for Judge

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Remember with Democrats it’s always about power and they will do anything to obtain and keep it.

This evening in Arizona, the Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Christopher Coury, who oversaw the case related to the Democrats’ challenge to the audit currently going on in the county, recused himself from the case.  The reason is that the Democrats shopped around and found an attorney who interned with Judge Coury and hired him.  When the new attorney was introduced today for the first time the Judge was forced to resign from the case.

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Judge Coury reported that a new attorney announced today in the case, Chris Viskovic, used to intern for him so he recused himself from the case.

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On Thursday the Democrats filed their suit just as the audit was scheduled to begin.  This isn’t the first suit Maricopa County Board of Supervisors raised in an attempt to stop the audit.   This last-minute case was heard by Judge Coury on Friday.  He ordered that the audit be stopped until Monday but when the Democrats wouldn’t post a bond for $1 million, he then ordered that the audit could continue.

After Judge Coury ordered the halt to the audit and before the Democrats responded to his mandate of putting the $1 million bond down, the Arizona Senate took their case to the Arizona Supreme Court.  But then Judge Coury ordered the audit could continue because the Democrats refused to pay the $1 million bond.

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The Supreme Court Judge Bolick took the Republicans’ grievance and agreed with Judge Coury’s actions and set up Tuesday for the deadline for the Republicans to lay out their grievances about the Democrats’ last-minute effort to stop the audit.  He ordered the Democrats to respond by Wednesday to document the Republicans file on Tuesday, and then he offered the Republicans Thursday to respond to the Democrats’ response.

Judge Coury had asked for the parties to be ready on Monday morning at 11 to provide documents.  Now a new judge will have to be assigned.  Stay tuned.

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