“Queen of the House of Hypocrites – Believes in Tyrannical Socialist or Communist Government” – MTG Does Not Hold Back – ROASTS Pelosi in Latest Interview (VIDEO)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene ROASTED Socialist House leader Nancy Pelosi on Real America’s News on Thursday.

This was after Pelosi and fellow Democrats were seen frolicking around the White House hugging and shaking hands while the nation continues to suffer under their failed policies and control.

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MTG: Our vaccine history is none of her business. In fact it’s a violation of our HIPAA rights for her to demand to know. But this is classic form and fashion for Nancy Pelosi because she doesn’t believe in a government for the people. She believes in a tyrannical Socialist or maybe even Communist government… This isn’t a woman who believes in other’s safety. This is a woman who is hyperfocused on her own power and control.

MTG is right.
It’s about time someone had the guts to call out these dangerous power-hungry Marxists!

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Via The Storm Has Arrived:

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