Yoga-Divine Healing


Control the untamed ideas,

Nobody has to do untamed pleas,

Nobody has to be on knees,

The pain of hundred miles cures,

A mild pang of Yoga conjures.


Let drive my breathing song,

To soothe mind and body throng,

Gather all vibes and senses belong,

Makes empathy, poise strong;

Wipes out polluted and dirty wrong.


Removes the darkness around,

Blesses the inner strength abound,

Opens the ancient caves round,

Heavenly grace comes in command,

Flees the temptations out of mind.


Grips inner strength to channelize,

Enthrals the being and mesmerize,

Symphony of inner orchestra materialize,

To relish glittering aura realize,

To behold health, happiness galvanize.


To build an empire of healthy wealth,

To create a ‘harem’ of strength,

Helps to live eternally length,

Likes of Ram, Krishna, Shiva in mirth,

Happens with the Diving Grace of Yoga breath.

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