A disturbing look at corporate Critical Race Theory brainwashing

By Andrea Widburg

I’ve been a non-corporate employee for 30 years. This means that I haven’t looked at an employee manual, attended a human resources seminar, or watched an HR video since the late 1980s. Back in the day, they were dry affairs that covered big issues: You can’t refuse to hire someone based on their race, color, sex, creed, etc. You also can’t harass or fire them for the same reasons. It was straightforward Civil Rights Act of 1964 stuff. I knew intellectually that Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) had changed things but it wasn’t until I watched Matt Walsh deconstruct just part of a corporate training video that I appreciated the illegal madness taking place in companies across America.

My bet is that there is a substantial number of American Thinker readers who are also unfamiliar with modern-day Human Resources training. Nowadays, it’s no longer about avoiding illegal activity that could get you or your employer in trouble. Instead, this is extremely targeted material aimed directly at White people. It’s condescending, hate-filled, and does to Whites exactly what it instructs Whites not to do to minorities.

We’ve written before at American Thinker about CRT training at places such as the City of SeattleLockheed-Martin, and Coca-Cola. However, we’ve always presented the handouts, which are pretty shocking. Somehow, though, it’s even more shocking to see a training video and appreciate that this illegal, indoctrinating effluvia is being forced upon employees at companies as diverse as Pepsi, Medieval Times, and Krispy Kreme.

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Matt Walsh is intelligent, amusing, sarcastic, and inciteful, so his comments really help illuminate how awful the video’s contents are:

If you’re curious, I looked up ej4 An HSI­ Company, which created that awful video. In addition to providing training for the companies named above, it also boasts about its videos going to ecco, Culligan, and Goodwill. It’s got reach.

HSI Company, the parent company, has even more reach, for it boasts about having 22,000 customers, in 71 countries, with over 6 million courses completed annually, and over 400,000 daily active users. HSI, though, isn’t about racial training, which it farms out to ej4. Instead, its focus is workplace safety.

But about ej4, I’m not finished yet. There’s more. This Missouri-based company, which is telling you, and you, and YOU that you’re all hate-filled, toxic White racists, has only two non-white employees. It’s true. Of the entire 38-person team (plus one dog), there is a single Black man and a woman whose race is indeterminate but isn’t Caucasian. The images below are very small and blurry, so I’ve marked with red the two employees who are not lily White:

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What we’re witnessing with this video is either sheer opportunism or self-loathing virtue-signaling – and it’s disgusting.

The ej4 video is anything but unique. We know this kind of toxic propaganda is being disseminated by myriad companies at workplaces across America. Moreover, it’s not going to stop until employees subjected to this type of thing start suing because their rights under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, along with parallel state laws, are clearly being violated. Conservatives need to become activists to bring this madness to a halt.

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