Vernon Jones: “Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger Failed to Conduct a Secure Election” – Calls For Statewide Audit in GA

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The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that over 10,300 people voted in a Georgia County they no longer lived in. These are illegal votes according to Georgia law and nearly Trump’s loss margin of 12,670 votes. 

Update on 10,300 Illegal Votes Found in Georgia

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Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones released a statement in response to this new evidence of Georgia election fraud.

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  • Hundreds of thousands of legally required chain of custody documents that are still missing for absentee ballots deposited into drop boxes
  • Statistical impossibilities found in vote tabulations, including at least 5 batches of ballots in Fulton County, each appearing with the exact same vote count of 392 for Biden, 96 for Trump, and 3 for Jo Jorgensen

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  • More than two dozen batches of mail-in absentee ballots scanned twice in tally sheets in Fulton County
  • Dozens of sworn affidavits from credible, experienced election workers and voters who, under penalty of perjury, bore witness to other incidents of fraud or illegal behavior

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With each day the proof of the 2020 election fraud becomes more evident.

After State Senator Doug Mastriano announced that Pennsylvania would audit the election, The Gateway Pundit reported that Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania alone could switch the election.

AUDIT UPDATE: Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania Hold Enough Electoral College Votes to Switch the Election

This is why Raffensperger is harassing election fraud whistleblowers.

Report: Raffensperger Launches Intimidation Campaign Against Election Whistleblowers in Georgia

We NEED a statewide full forensic audit in Georgia.

Source material can be found at this site.

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