Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: “DECERTIFY NOW – RECALL THE ELECTORS” – AG Brnovich NEEDS To Indict Supervisors

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Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is leading the fight for decertification in Arizona.

Team Trump: “Based On Today’s Hearing, Why Even Wait to Decertify?”

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Today on Twitter, Rogers shared her bottom line.

There is a lot of noise out there. Here is the bottom line:

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Arizona’s certification was clearly not accurate.

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At the July 15 Arizona Senate audit Hearing, The audit team made some shocking but not surprising announcements on their findings and requested action from Maricopa County.

The County responded by showing no interest in cooperating.

UPDATE: Arizona Audit Team Escorted from Building after Explosive Hearing Confirming Thousands of Fraudulent Votes — Applause Breaks Out! (VIDEO)

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Maricopa County violated critical security procedures outlined in Arizona’s Elections Procedures Manual and they refuse to allow an investigation into the 2020 election. 

2020 Election Security Procedures Violated – Why The County Will Not Provide Routers, Splunk Logs, Fobs – INDICT THE SUPERVISORS!

It’s no wonder then that they refuse to deliver the routers, logs, and access keys.

Innocent people do not fight investigations so hard. Attorney General Brnovich should be leading the charge with indictments.

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Wendy Rogers previously said that these public servants need to be held accountable to include possibly sending them to jail.”

AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers: “The Cover-Up Is Always Worse Than The Crime – We Have to Hold Maricopa County Accountable” (VIDEO)

If you want this audit completed, tell Attorney General Mark Brnovich to indict the Supervisors, NOW.


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