Michigan Hero Sheriff is Digging into Dominion Machines – Barry County Clerk Claims There Were No Issues but Lawyers Up

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Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf is digging into the county’s Dominion voting machines. The county clerk claims there were no issues but lawyers up anyway.

Sheriff Leaf was attacked after he spoke out in defense of the suspects in the alleged Whitmer kidnapping case. We now know the plot to “kidnap” Governor Whitmer was hatched by the FBI, funded by the FBI, ran by the FBI and broken up by the FBI.

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12 of the 18 individuals involved in the kidnapping plot were FBI informants.

MLive reported:

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Local clerks in Barry County are sharing harsh words about a private investigator who has been visiting them to inquire if votes could have been altered in the 2020 election, nearly nine months ago.

Rutland Township Clerk Robin Hawthorne told MLive on July 27 that a private investigator and a sheriff’s deputy arrived at the township office two weeks ago.

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“They wanted to go through all the steps of how we handled the election program — not too many questions about the election itself, necessarily — more so the programming in the machines, the Dominion machines,” Hawthorne said. “So I answered the questions and it was a little bizarre because we’re talking numerous months after the fact. This has been months and I’ve been a clerk 18 years and I never had a problem with my machines or my elections. My results were spot on.”…

…Barry County Clerk Pamela Palmer told MLive on Monday she has all of the township clerks drive vote totals over to the county after all the votes are cast because the county is so remote and lacks reliable internet service in all corners of the county. There’s nothing on the internet that could be “scrambled or tampered with,” she said.

“They’re trying to find out if the machines have the ability to switch votes,” Palmer told MLive. “We ran a perfectly balanced election in November of 2020. We had no issues with the machines or anything. The canvassers didn’t find any issues, it was a clean election. And now, nine months later, there’s a group that our sheriff is heading up, that is investigating to see if they can find that there was any fraud.”

Palmer said she is “100% confident” there was no vote switching.

“I don’t even think it’s possible with these machines,” she said. There is no modem in the machines, Palmer said.

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When the private investigator arrived at one of the township halls recently, Palmer said she arrived there after them and talked with the investigator and a deputy accompanying him. Palmer said she was told the investigator was working under the element of surprise.

“My attorney has called the sheriff’s department and said they’re not to question me,” Palmer said. They had not come to talk with her as of Monday afternoon, she said.

They told her they would be questioning all of the township clerks, and they would be coming to speak with her last, she said.

“I thought to myself, ‘Over my dead body,’” Palmer said.

Source material can be found at this site.

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