Frontier Airlines Crew Duct Tapes Belligerent Passenger to Seat After He Gropes Female Flight Attendants (VIDEO)

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A 22-year-old passenger was duct taped to his seat after he groped and punched flight attendants.

Frontier Airlines crew members used tape to restrain Maxwell Berry of Norwalk, Ohio on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on Saturday.

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Berry reportedly groped two female flight attendants’ breasts and punched a male crew member who came over to intervene.

“He came up from behind and put his arms around both of them and groped their breasts,” the police report said, according to WPLG.

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According to reports, Berry consumed two alcoholic drinks on the flight and just ordered a third drink when he became unruly and began to wander around the plane shirtless.

A male crew member, with help from passengers, wrapped tape around Berry as he screamed for help.

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Berry was charged with three counts of battery and transported to Miami-Dade jail.


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