Hammer Thrower Gwen Berry Fails to Medal at Olympics After Turning Her Back on American Flag – Finishes 11th Place Out of 12 Competitors

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Gwen Berry failed to medal on Tuesday during the women’s hammer throw finals.

Berry finished 11th place out of 12 competitors, the New York Post reported.

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Gwen Berry is a race activist who disrespected the US on the world stage when she stood on the podium, turned her back on the US flag during the National Anthem and put her T-shirt over her head.

“If you know your history, you know the full song of the national anthem,” Berry said on Black News Channel. “The third paragraph speaks to slaves in America — our blood being slain … all over the floor.”

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The Biden White House backed the America-hating Olympian who turned her back on the US Flag as the National Anthem played during the medal’s ceremony.

Psaki said that Joe Biden “has great respect for the anthem” but also “part of that pride” means “respecting the right of people to peacefully protest,”

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