Virginia Senator Warner Aligns Himself with former SEC Chairman Clayton and Tries to Make a Quick Few Million on Crypto in Infrastructure Bill

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Previously we reported on the mess that the former SEC Chairman put Ripple/XRP in on his last day in office.  Today this same former Chairman is working with Democrat Senator Mark Warner and others in efforts to make some last-minute millions in the crypto amendments in the Senate’s massive infrastructure bill.

On his last day in the SEC, former Chairman Jay Clayton took on cryptocurrency XRP.  His actions came out of the blue and placed Bitcoin, which Clayton had connections to, in a better light by attacking one of its major competitors.

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The XRP case is still outstanding although the government’s position is still weak.  But more actions by Clayton were unsurfaced this weekend.

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Corrupt Virginia Senator Mark Warner this week at the last minute pushed for changes with the Infrastructure bill.  Out of the blue, Warner introduced these changes which aligned with former SEC Chairman Clayton.  Ironically two of Warner’s top three donors are Apollo Global Management and Goldman Sachs.  Clayton is the new Chairman at Apollo.

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These efforts are not for the good of the country or the crypto industry.  They are for Mark Warner.

It looks like Warner and Clayton are working together on a last-minute effort on the infrastructure bill to make some millions for themselves.  Warner and the DC swamp is for sale to the largest bidder. 

Source material can be found at this site.

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