New South Wales’ Chief Health Officer Tells Aussies Not to Talk to Each Other: We Need to Limit Our Movements, Minimize Interactions with Others (VIDEO)

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New South Wales’ Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said the quiet part out loud and admitted the Covid mandates are about ‘restricting movement.’

Kerry Chant told Australians to ignore their own next door neighbors.

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“We all need to work together. We need to limit our movements. We need to consider whenever we leave our house, that anyone with us and anyone that we come into contact with could convey the virus,” Kerry Chant said.

Chant told Aussies to view everyone outside of their home as a threat and admitted face masks don’t work.

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“Whilst it is in human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately this is not the time to do that. So even if you run into your next door neighbor in the shopping center, in the grocery shop… don’t start up a conversation. Now is the time for minimizing your interactions with others even if you’ve got a mask – do not think that affords total protection.”


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