Fully Vaccinated Actress Blames Unmasked Children For Her ‘Breakthrough’ Covid Diagnosis in Deranged Rant (VIDEO)

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Actress Melissa Joan Hart, 45, blamed unmasked children for her Covid ‘breakthrough’ diagnosis in a deranged rant this week.

The “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” actress is fully vaccinated and told her 1.6 million Instagram followers that she likely got Covid because her kids don’t have to wear masks at school in Nashville.

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“I got COVID. I am vaccinated, and I got COVID, and it’s bad,” Hart said.

“I just really hope my husband and the other ones don’t get it because if someone has to be taken to the hospital, I can’t go with them,” she said.

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She continued: “I’m mad, really mad. We took precautions and we cut our exposure by a lot, but we got a little lazy. And I think as a country we got lazy. I’m really mad that my kids didn’t have to wear masks at school. I’m pretty sure that’s where this came from.”

Melissa Joan Hart went to Disneyworld a few days before she came down with Covid.

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She posted photos of herself enjoying Disneyworld maskless but she got Covid from maskless children at her kid’s school.

Makes sense.


“I’m asking you guys to do better. Protect your families. Protect your kids. It’s not over yet. I hoped it was but it’s not, so stay vigilant and stay safe,” Hart said in a deranged rant from her bed.


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