“That’s a Lie!… We Want an Audit!” – Worthless North Carolina GOP Chairman BOOED and HECKLED at GOP Election Integrity Event (VIDEO)

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On Saturday North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley had the nerve to show his face and speak at an election integrity event.

Whatley is a GOP insider who told North Carolinians to disregard President Trump’s endorsement of Rep. Ted Budd for US Senate two days after Trump’s endorsement.

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Whatley is also unconcerned over the accusations of voter fraud in the state and does not support a forensic audit.
Another imposter.

On Saturday Whatley was booed and heckled when he spoke briefly at an election integrity event.

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Republican voters are tired of the worthless leadership in the party and in Congress.
From K.

On Saturday, September 18th, GOP Chairman Michael Whatley showed up and spoke briefly at an election integrity event. This was the second day following the detailed data presentation from Seth Keshel, who initially started working on the election integrity issues with General Flynn. They had had three events in North Carolina laying out the compelling trends data. While President Trump did win the state of North Carolina, most conservative Republicans are certain it was much higher than the official data shows. In fact, Seth Keshel’s data shows President Trump likely won by 250,000 more votes than officially recorded. Further, based on this data, most conservative Republicans also do not believe that Governor Roy Cooper was legitimately re-elected.

For these reasons, citizens are demanding a forensic audit like in Arizona. To date, efforts to launch an audit have been stymied by Republicans in the State Legislature as well as party officials. Chairman Whatley “road President Trump’s coattails” in order to gain re-election as the party chair and citizens are not happy the GOP wants to dismiss it and “move on to 2022.”

Therefore, when he showed up to speak and had the audacity to claim that “we” (meaning “they the party”) had done an excellent job in 2020 that “we” should be proud of that will carry us forward in 2022, the crowd began to loudly boo and essentially drove him off the stage. There had been three previous days of events clearly showing election issues in North Carolina that he wasn’t aware of? Shame on him if he didn’t have someone attending and taking notes.

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