Campaign for Democrat Virginia Governor Candidate McAuliffe Has No Enthusiasm – Crowds Almost as Small as Biden’s

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The Democrats in Virginia are going to rely on the same tricks they used in the 2020 Election to win the governor’s race.  They have to.  No one is behind their candidate. 

The Democrat’s candidate in Virginia is a joke.  He’s connected to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and no one wants to vote for someone like that.  Terry McAuliffe has absolutely no enthusiasm as the governor’s election approaches in Virginia.

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No one cares about McAuliffe.

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The comparison between McAuliffe’s events and his competitor Youngkin’s events is startling.

McAuliffe may have fewer people at his rallies than anyone in recorded history other than Joe Biden.

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Yesterday McAuliffe tried to bring in Biden to his events and they had a big crowd at one event.  But then the crowd started chanting “We want Trump” and they then realized the crowd was mostly Trump people.  Biden even called it a Trump rally.

“This Isn’t a Trump Rally!” – Joe Biden Interrupted by Protesters During Stump Speech for Terry McAuliffe (VIDEO)

But then again, the Democrats aren’t really worried about the election as long as the same processes are in place in the state from the 2020 Election.  In the 2020 Election, we found 330,000 ballots for Biden with only 30,000 for Trump dropped in the middle of the night three times.  But of course, this was normal – never mind – nothing to see here.

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As long as the same processes from the 2020 Election are still in place, Democrats have nothing to worry about in the governor’s race in Virginia.   Crowd size doesn’t matter.

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