Biden/Obama Regime Wants to Renegotiate Deal with Terrorist Nation Iran — More Cash for the Mullahs

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The Biden/Obama Administration would like to renegotiate a deal with Iran.  The deal is to encourage Iran to not build a nuclear bomb.  Something Iran has been working on for years.

According to American Military News:

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Washington is “absolutely in lockstep” with Britain, Germany, and France on getting Iran back into a nuclear deal, but added it was unclear if Tehran was willing to rejoin the talks in a “meaningful way.”

Blinken’s remarks in an interview with CNN on October 31 come a day after the United States, Germany, France, and Britain urged Iran to resume compliance with a 2015 nuclear deal in order to “avoid a dangerous escalation.”

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Who cares if Germany, France, and Britain want to resume the insane deal with Iran?  If it doesn’t make sense it should not be done.  President Trump knew this and stopped it.  Biden/Obama does the opposite — This is all part of their insanity.

Biden Removes US Missiles from Saudi Arabia, In an Obama-Like Move to Appease Iran

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The Biden regime also waived the sanctions put in place to prevent Iran from building a bomb.

Biden-Obama Waive Billions in Sanctions Against Iranian Regime Like They Did in 2016

But it may be too late as Iran is enriching uranium already.

International Atomic Energy Agency’s Leader Sounds the Alarm: “Only Countries Making Nuclear Bombs Enrich Uranium Like Iran…”


Source material can be found at this site.

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