“You Wait, We’re Gonna Get 50% of that Vote in 2022” – Steve Bannon on Trump Republicans Winning the Black Male Vote

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The far-left is freaking out because Steve Bannon is predicting that the Trump Republicans are going to gain 50% of the Black male vote in the 2022 elections.

Steve Bannon recently predicted that 50% of the black male vote would be voting for Trump Republicans in the next election.  The left is freaking out about this.

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Raheem Kassam, who works with Bannon at the War Room, shared that the left acts like they are not in power – like they are the ones behind – just like a party who stole an election would act.  This is why the left is freaking about this.

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We know Trump increased in every major category in the 2020 Election.  Now Bannon is claiming the black male vote is going Trump Republican.

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No wonder the election criminals are scared.

Source material can be found at this site.

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