NJ Republican Ed Durr Tells Hilarious Story About Phone Call With The Democrat He Defeated (VIDEO)

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Ed Durr, the New Jersey Republican truck driver who shocked the country earlier this month by defeating a powerful Democrat incumbent, appeared on the Tucker Carlson show this week and told a very funny story.

He was recounting the phone call he had with the Democrat he defeated and he even had Tucker Carlson laughing.

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This guy is a keeper.

FOX News reports:

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GOP truck driver Ed Durr recounts ironic conversation with longtime predecessor after concession

New Jersey state senator-elect Edward Durr recounted an ironic conversation he had with his longtime predecessor – and state Senate President – Steve Sweeney after he conceded the race to the Republican commercial truck driver.

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Durr, in an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, said Sweeney was “a gentleman” in his congratulatory call a day earlier, which followed his public concession.

“He congratulated me and just wished me luck, [told me] to do well for South Jersey,” Durr said.

“I told him, you know, if he ever needs anything, just give me a call, because I’m his representative now,” Durr, who is reported to have spent only $153 on his primary campaign, responded.

Like. A. Boss. Just hilarious.

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Here’s the video:

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The Republican party needs more people like Ed Durr to run for office.

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