DO NOT COMPLY: Thousands of New Yorkers Flood the Streets to March for Freedom As WORLDWIDE RESISTANCE Against Covid Tyranny Continues to Grow – (Video)

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The Worldwide Rally For Freedom returned to New York City this weekend, drawing thousands of fed-up New Yorkers to the streets to stand up for their freedom and protest tyrannical ‘public health’ mandates.

The massive demonstration mirrored other worldwide freedom rally events that also took place this weekend in dozens of countries, including Australia, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, and several others.

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According to Kevin Peters – one of the group’s New York organizers – the protest is the culmination of a broader coalition coming together like never seen before – city workers, firefighters, sanitation workers, teachers, cops, healthcare workers, liberty groups, medical freedom activists, parents, and everyday New Yorkers – all standing together.

“One Day. Everyone Together. We Will All Be There.” is the slogan the organization has adopted.

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Several unlikely alliances have also been formed between various conflicting political groups as well – such as Trump Supporters, Black Lives Matter, Workers Unions, frustrated Democrats, religious organizations, and other conservative groups.

In other words – In one of the most divisive times in our nation’s history, Americans are joining forces around one common purpose – NO mandates.

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As of September, New York City began enforcing its Covid-19 vaccine passport program, known as “Key to NYC,” for most indoor activities, including schools, restaurants, gyms, and theaters.

Thanks to the restrictions, restaurants in the city are reporting that business is down a whopping 40-60%… But New Yorkers won’t back down without a fight.

Take a look:

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People could be heard shouting “no new normal” and “no digital IDs.”

Others yelled “We will not comply!” and “New York won’t Back Down” as they marched through the street.

Naturally, the protesters also held signs that read “F*ck Biden” and “Let’s go Brandon!”

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The proud boys even made an appearance, joining in on the LGB and FJB festivities.

There were also several keynote speakers who took the stage during the event to address the crowd.

In addition to several up-and-coming local leaders, notable speakers included New York University Professor Mark Crispin Miller and author Naomi Wolf.

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Organizers ended the protest with a peaceful candlelight procession towards Foley Square in downtown NYC. Once at the park, the crowd gathered together and sang songs in an amazing show of solidarity.

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Hundreds of thousands of people across the world also fought back against the authoritarian lockdowns and mandates over the weekend just like they did in NYC.

The global resistance to this globalist power grab is growing daily.

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In some countries, governments are using unrelenting force to crackdown against protesters of their dictatorial rule.

Several videos from Belgium and the Netherlands this weekend show police riot squads and military members brutally assaulting protesters and turning the water cannons on them.

It looks like a war zone.

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And the Netherlands:

One thing is for certain – this dystopian power grab by way of public health tyranny will NOT be going anywhere without a fight.

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Join the global resistance.

Hold the line.

Source material can be found at this site.

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