These Are Not Good People: For Its Thanksgiving Message Stasi FBI Posts Tweet Threatening a Jan. 6 Protester

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
–Maya Angelou

For its Thanksgiving message the Stasi FBI posted a tweet threatening a January 6 protester.

The FBI attempts to make it cute by writing about this “smiling face at your table tonight”.
These are not good people.

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Via Conservative Treehouse.

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Four Trump supporters were killed that day.
** One female, Ashli Babbitt, a Veteran, was murdered in cold blood by a Capitol Police Officer.
** One female, Rosanne Boyland, was trampled and beaten by police until she died.
** Two middle-aged Trump supporters died when Capitol Police started firing flash grenades and smoke bombs at the protesters gathered outside the Capitol.

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No fires were started, no artwork was damaged, no statues were damaged or tagged with graffiti.
Hundreds of protesters were given permission to enter the building.

Via The American Gulag:
** 631 Trump supporters have been arrested.
** 0 have been charged with “insurrection”.
** The FBI has raided hundreds of homes and traumatized thousands of Americans across the country.

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The FBI concluded that it was not an insurrection. The media, most all, continue to use the term, erroneously and with malice.

Democrats call this the worst attack since Pearl Harbor.

Meanwhile, convicted felons are mowing over innocent children and seniors at Christmas parades and no one from the 2020 riots was charged, after all the killing and burning and destruction of property. The FBI has no Thanksgiving messages out to seek those faces.

Source material can be found at this site.

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