Poll Shows Democrats Are Terrified of the Omnicron Variant – Republicans Can Care Less

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A poll at YouGov.com shows that Democrats act like sheep who believe nearly everything the corrupt media tells them about the China coronavirus while Republicans have the ability to think for themselves. 

A poll at YouGov.com released today shows the following not so unexpected results.

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Data from YouGov shows that most Americans are aware of the Omicron variant, with 87% of U.S. adults saying they have heard a lot (38%) or a little (49%) about it. (That’s slightly higher than the 82% of Americans who had heard a lot or a little about the Delta variant in late June.) Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all are similarly likely to say they are aware of Omicron, but that does not mean they are similarly likely to express concern…

…Most Americans are concerned about the new variant (54%, slightly less than were concerned about Delta in June), but it’s Democrats who are the most worried. Four in five Democrats (80%) describe being very concerned (34%) or somewhat concerned (46%) about Omicron. Just one-third of Republicans (35%) are very (12%) or somewhat (23%) concerned about the newly discovered strain.

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A majority of Republicans (59%) say they are not very concerned or not concerned at all, compared to 14% of Democrats.

These results are shameful for Democrats.  Take note because this is what Democrats and RINOs want for America – a country of sheep.

Source material can be found at this site.

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