Minnesota Family Is Threatened by Wicked Leftist Neighbor for Putting Up Christmas Lights

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File image of Christmas lights

This photo was just sent to a prominent Republican from Minnesota. She forwarded it to The Gateway Pundit.
The letter shows what a St. Anthony resident received in the mail.

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Saint Anthony was a lovely, quiet neighborhood near Minneapolis.

This disgusting letter represents pure intolerant Marxism seeking to overthrow the Christian religion.

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Our friend told them to send a copy of the letter to local law enforcement, the county attorney, the Minnesota State Attorney General’s office, the Governor’s office and claim this is hate speech, harassment, and intimidation.

This Minnesota family should demand protection for their free speech rights.
If we don’t resist, this intimidation will become reality.

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I’m thankful you can still tell the truth.

Source material can be found at this site.

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