Your government is lying to you about extreme weather events

By Andrea Widburg

I wrote on Saturday that Biden sympathized briefly barely with the people in Kentucky before blaming climate change for the tornadoes. I said he was lying because serious weather events haven’t escalated lately. They’ve remained stable over the decades or decreased in number and/or severity.

I was correct but that point is so much better when you hear it from the horse’s mouth: A real scientist who spends his life looking at, analyzing and, obviously, understanding the data—and who has just released a video explaining the lies coming from the left when it comes to hurricanes and tornadoes.

Tony Heller is the proprietor of the very popular Real Climate Science website. Heller knows that people have questions about him, so he put together a post a couple of years ago giving just some of his bona fides:

BS Geology, Arizona State University
Masters Electrical Engineering, Rice University
Boston University Geology
Northern Arizona University Computer Science
Colorado State University Computer Science
University of New Mexico Geochemistry

Lifelong environmentalist.
I testified at my first Congressional hearing in support of Wilderness in 1972.
I fought for the Clean Air and Water acts
Wilderness Ranger Cibola National Forest, New Mexico
Wilderness Ranger Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico
Currently battling the City of Boulder, Colorado to stop development on the South Boulder Wetlands
Full time cyclist for all my local transportation, for the past 40 years

Science teacher, Athletic Director and Soccer Coach at Oak Creek Ranch School, Arizona
Math teacher at Phoenix Country Day School
Substitute teacher at Murphy School District, Phoenix Arizona
Computer instructor at Tomball College, Texas

Geothermal research at Los Alamos National Labs
Oil shale research at Los Alamos National Labs
Thermodynamic research of methane hydrates at Los Alamos National Labs
Volcano research at Los Alamos National Labs
Safety Analysis Report for the Permian Basin DOE nuclear waste disposal site
Volunteer curator Arizona Mineral Museum

Electrical Engineer
Compaq/SGI MIPS consortium design team
Power PC design team IBM/Apple/Motorola  (Used in  most game consoles over the last three decades, and PowerMacs)
Sandia Labs computer architect
Sandia Labs representative to Al Gore’s Bankers Trust key escrow consortium
Cyrix Media GX microprocessor design team manager
Raycer Graphics OpenGL graphics processor verification lead
Design manager Hitachi/ST SH5 microprocessor
Verification lead MemoryLogix microprocessor
Founder, design lead Visual Media video effects/editing software
OpenGL driver development ATI
Itanium/i7 design team Intel  (very likely being used by you right now)
Sped up Helicos DNA sequencing algorithm by 50X
Sped up NCAR weather microphysics kernel by 500X
Ported NCAR’s radiative transfer model to GPU
Ported NCAR’s WRF weather model to Windows
Drone visualization and control software for the US military
Medical device control systems (under NDA)
Virtual reality visualization design (under NDA)
Radio control and visualization software (under NDA)

Suffice to say that Heller knows a lot more than Biden or anyone in the Biden administration about climate phenomena. Just as I did, Heller took umbrage at the fact that the Biden administration instantly politicized the tornadoes and their awful outcome and, worse, that it did so relying on lies and misinformation. While Biden probably struggles now with which shoe goes on which foot, the people feeding him his lines know that they’re lying, but they lie anyway.

So, please, spend a few minutes watching Heller explain with perfect precision and clarity how leftists get away with claiming our climate is more aggressive and dangerous than ever before when most of them know, or should know, that they are lying through their teeth:

One of the things you need to understand is that, in one way, leftists have the mental development of an infant. If you’ve ever played peek-a-boo with a baby, the game works so well because, to a baby’s undeveloped brain, when your face vanishes behind your hands, you have vanished. (That kind of makes you wonder what babies think of living in a world in which everyone wears a mask.) Out of sight, out of mind is the perfect reflection of a minimally developed mind.

The contrary is true too: If babies or leftists see a lot of one thing, they believe that, because they see so much of that thing, then its existence in the world must be completely overwhelming.

So, think of this: Leftists show COVID deaths on TV but not vaccine deaths. Leftists show endless footage of White suburban students crying after a school shooting but rush over footage of daily shootings in Black communities and barely mention defensive gun usages. And, to get to the point here, leftists show every single tornado on TV, running the same footage endlessly, but fail to acknowledge that severe tornadoes are vastly diminished in scope and frequency. I’m sure you can add your own example to the list.

What’s important to know is that, when it comes to leftists, no matter what they say, never trust, always verify.

Al Gore Warns Polar Ice May Be Gone in Five Years, that was Dec 2009.


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