George W. Bush Meets With Illegal Aliens After Lobbying Republicans To Work With Joe Biden on Amnesty

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Former President George W. Bush met with illegal aliens after spending the past year lobbying Republicans to assist Joe Biden with passing amnesty for migrants who illegally reside in the United States.

Illegal aliens who enrolled in former President Obama’s Deferred Action Arrivals program or “dreamers” – including youth pastor Gerardo Casas, therapist Rebeca Gurrolat, clinical pharmacist Dip Patel, journalist Athulya Rajakumar and Kate Clark, an immigration attorney with Jewish Family Service of San Diego –  joined Bush and former first lady Laura Bush in Dallas on Tuesday to discuss “the shortcomings of our immigration system,” the George W. Bush Presidential Center announced in a statement.

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Providing amnesty to migrants who unlawfully enter the United States bolsters the economy, the former Republican president argued.

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“This is an issue that is dear to our hearts. Most people realize the system is broken, and most people want to solve it for the sake of our security, our economy, and our culture,” Bush said in a statement.

“Take DACA for example — we have all these young talented people who want to create jobs, but it’s hard to create jobs when you are unsure of your future,” he continued. “And reforming the worker program will relieve a lot of tension at the border.”

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Earlier this month, The George W. Bush Institute, the Chamber of Commerce and the billionaire Koch brothers’ network of donor class organizations announced they were joining forces with mass migration groups to form the Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus.

The group issued a statement on March 2 announcing plans to lobby the Biden administration and members of Congress to pass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens to address “the uncertainty that dominates the everyday lives of so many undocumented immigrants seeking to contribute to our economy.”

“Millions of workers, many of whom were indispensable to America’s COVID-19 response, are living in legal jeopardy. Apprehensions at the southern border are at historic highs. Employers are also struggling to find workers to fill jobs in many industries,” the group cautioned.

Meanwhile, an unprecedented number of migrants have flooded across the southern border under the Biden administration.

Biden’s open border policies have resulted in the apprehension of 164,973 illegal immigrants at the border last month, the highest February total in the Department of Homeland Security’s history.

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The month’s total was a 63 percent surge from February 2021 and triple the February average during the Trump years

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