SoCal City to Give Transgender and Non-Binary Residents Up to $900 Per Month in Universal Basic Income

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California – Transgender and non-binary residents in Palm Springs will receive up to $900 a month of Universal Basic Income (UBI) with no strings attached – for the sole purpose of identifying as a transgender or non-binary.

How is this even legal?

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Palm Springs will allocate $200,000 toward the pilot program.

According to Fox News, 20 trans and non-binary residents will receive money for 18 months.

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Fox News reported:

A California city is planning to give universal basic income (UBI) to transgender and nonbinary residents regardless of their earnings level.

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Transgender residents in Palm Springs, California are eligible to receive a UBI of up to $900 per month solely for identifying as transgender or nonbinary — no strings attached.

The new pilot program will have $200,000 set aside for allocation after a unanimous vote by the Palm Springs City Council last week.

Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio, a Republican who served as the first openly gay member of the city council, called the program “outrageous and discriminatory.”

“We’re completely opposed to guaranteed or universal basic income programs, because they ultimately cause inflation and raise the cost of living on everyone — they don’t work,” DeMaio said in a statement.

“But at least some of them have minimum income requirements to qualify, whereas this one is no-strings-attached ‘woke’ virtue signaling to the LGBT community in a way that is not only offensive but discriminatory,” he continued.

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