Get Ready for the Economic Collapse

The west is in collapse partly due to the sanctions on Russia that have backfired.  While Russia connects with China, Europe and US are left without needed grain and old, causing a crisis of economic proportions. By September of this year 2022 Russia will put its own sanctions on the West, no more oil for Europe right before the winter.  The west is abut to be cut off off of the needed commodities, Russia does not need to Nuke the west, they can take the west out with restrictions and shut offs.

Europeans and North Americans should plan on significant hyper-inflation, probable housing correction and shortages/inflation . The rising prices in fuel and foods, some expect gasoline  prices could be upward of $10-15 a gallon. Don;t expect Joe Biden to come to the rescue, Democrats have long wanted a collapse in oil to bring abound the green new deal, do not expect they will be opening any new pipelines to save the country.

The Biden administration also has zero interest in sitting down with Russia to negotiate some kind of peace agreement, more war is on the horizon. The Russians said it plain and simple. They said, “We want it in writing that Ukraine will not get nuclear weapons, or be part of NATO”… Surely this simple piece of paper could have saved all this mess from happening, although the political elite like Biden want the west to collapse.

Grocery stores have limited stock on hand as it is, prices are already up 10-30% on simple cheese & beef and that is only the beginning. Food prices will skyrocket in 2nd half of this year.

Africa will also face hardship, and mass migration to Europe will ensue as a result.

This all plays into “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”….. Their not stupid they know exactly what their doing!



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