Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell Says Republicans Are Facilitating Mass Shootings “By Design” (VIDEO)

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Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell ran to MSNBC to push for gun control following a deadly mass shooting at a Texas elementary school.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace encouraged Swalwell to “declare a culture war on Republicans on guns.”

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Swalwell claimed his oldest child, who’s barely 5 years old, is beginning to ask questions about mass shootings.


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“Every parent in America right now is lying to their kids. If you’re telling your kid they’re going to safe at their school and everything is going to be okay, it’s a lie,” Swalwell said. “And who wants to lie to their kids?”

Swalwell suggested that Republicans are facilitating mass murder “by design.”

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“What’s going to protect [students] is to not allow dangerous people to have access to firearms … to not allow assault weapons in the community … This is by design that [mass shootings] happen, it’s not a defect at all,” Swalwell said.

Of course Nicolle Wallace didn’t push back on Swalwell’s outrageous lies.

Video via Grabien News:

Source material can be found at this site.

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