The Third Temple should be built in the City of David.

By Peter Paton


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Given the competing tinderbox claims to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem by both Jews and Muslims, and the fact that the third holiest site to the Islamic world, the Dome of the Rock, the al-Haram al-Sharif or the Al-Aqsa Compound is situated there already, and has been established in place since the 7th Century, it may be time for the State of Israel to consider building the Third Temple at another site.

The first Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE and the Second was built 5 centuries later, but destroyed already in 70 CE by the Romans.

New Findings suggest Israel can build the Third Temple Now.

And the location should be the City of David.

Since the conquest of the city of Jerusalem in 1967, intensive research has been done by Jewish archaeologists Benjamin Maser and Ernest Martin, and more recently by Bob Cornuke, all of whom have conclusively demonstrated that the Temple was in the City of David, and not on the Temple Mount as we know it.

Jewish belief envisions the construction of The Third Temple in Jerusalem associated with the coming of the Jewish Messiah.

Some biblical historians believ we have entered the prophesised “ End Times “, and as such, the construction of the Third Temple is imminent, and would signal a joyous and long anticipated era for the Jewish people.

If the Third Temple was built in the City of David, the Temple Mount would no longer be a religious flash point for the Muslim world, and it would bring the prospect of a Middle East Peace Accord immeasurably nearer.

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