FLASH FLOODING in St. Louis City After Second Historic Rain in Same Week — Boat Rescues, Drowning, Massive Property Damage

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St. Louis Central West End near the New Cathedral was flooded several feet today.

St. Louis, Missouri was hit with a second monster rainfall this week on Thursday afternoon.

Torrential rain fell for over an hour this afternoon in St. Louis City.

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The entire region was under a flash flook warning until 5:45 PM.

This photo was taken near the New Cathedral in the Central West End.


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Here is the view from south St. Louis City.

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Delmar Boulevard in north St. Louis is under water.

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One man was killed in the flooding when he drown in his car on Skinker Boulevard.

Thursday’s rain followed Tuesday’s record rainfall.

ABC reported:

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St. Louis has recorded 8.56 inches of rainfall since midnight, which surpassed the old record of 6.85 inches set almost 107 years ago on Aug. 20, 1915. In the suburbs northwest of St. Louis, St. Peters received 12.34 inches of rain.

The historic rainfall event caused widespread flash flooding across the region Tuesday morning with some areas getting more than half a foot of rain in just a few hours.

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