BREAKING: Reports That Pinal And Pima County DO NOT Have Enough GOP Ballots At Polling Places For AZ Primary Voters – Election Integrity Issues In Arizona’s 3 LARGEST Counties

Arizona’s three largest County Primary Elections are rife with serious irregularities that have been occurring all day long, sparking even more concern for election integrity.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today on the massive voter concerns in Maricopa County.

The moment that polls opened this morning, machines weren’t working, and some voters were unable to get a ballot right away.

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Across the  State, worries also continue to mount over the type of pen Arizona elections workers are pushing voters to use on election day. We reported that the pens are possibly causing overvoting or vote changing.

One Maricopa County voter also told The Gateway Pundit,

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When I put my ballot into the machine in Phoenix, the poll worker told me to wait for a green checkmark, but then told me to hit the red ‘return’ button and pull the ballot all the way out. When I asked if that was normal she told me that it’s been happening all day and that I needed to flip the ballot over and insert it upside-down with the blank side up. She said ‘as long as we get the green checkmark, we know it’s been read properly.’ I do not know if my upsde-down ballot was actually counted properly.

BREAKING: Maricopa County Election Day Incompetence – PRINTERS NOT WORKING, Voters Told They’ve ALREADY VOTED, Polling Locations Not Seen On AZSOS Webpage – UPDATES

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Pinal County also saw serious irregularities before and during Election Day.

In Pinal, 63,000 incorrectly printed mail-in ballots were sent out and delivered to voters just weeks before the election. The fact that this happened already proves that this election is compromised to its core.

On Election Day, Pinal County poll workers were then busted by a voter, illegally helping voters make choices on their ballots. We discovered that they were trained to do this, as well as give Republican ballots to Democratic voters.

EXCLUSIVE: Pima County Poll Workers Trained To Illegally Give Republican Ballots To DEMOCRATS And To Illegally Electioneer In Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake’s Race For Governor


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AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward tweeted early in the morning that Pinal County and Pima County were both having serious irregularities, including improper machine setup and voting machines jamming.

What the hell is going on, Arizona?

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At 3:33 pm, just hours before the polls are set to close, Ward tweeted again, indicating that Pinal and Pima Counties literally ran out of ballots. She also said that Attorneys are getting ready to take action on behalf of Republican voters. The polls close at 7 pm!

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb told The Gateway Pundit that this is true, and it is happening in multiple Pima County voting precincts, including Saddlebrook. Multiple voters reached out to him with these concerns.

“There’s truth to it. People were turned away,” said Lamb.

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GOP National Committeeman Tyler Bowyer tweeted a report he received from Pinal, alleging that some were “unable to vote” because of this, and that the Recorder’s office is “not doing anything!”.

One voter commented on Tucson radio host Garret Lewis’ tweet, also saying that this is happening in Pinal and claiming that voters were promised ballots by 12:30 pm, but they were still out of ballots at 2 pm.

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It gets worse! In a fourth County, it was reported this morning that ballot receipts are not printing, and voters are receiving handwritten receipts.

This is a HUGE mess!

An analysis of ballot returns by party shows the ratio of Democrats voting today versus Republicans is staggering but expected.

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What an odd coincidence that we’re seeing such egregious irregularities today, of all the days to vote!

All Patriots need to vote anyway in order to overcome this fraud. 

Source material can be found at this site.

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