COVID Enforcer and Climate Warrior Justin Trudeau Lands in Costa Rica on Private Jet, Unmasked with His Family as Canadians Suffer

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You get the tyranny you deserve.

Canadians voted for the tyrant Trudeau.  Now they suffer under the boot of his regime.

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Thousands of Canadians sat trapped at the Montreal Trudeau Airport this weekend as flights were stalled and canceled.  Montreal’s Trudeau airport is ranked second on the global list of airports with the most flight delays and cancellations.  Only the Toronto Airport has more cancellations and delays.

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But Justin Trudeau does not have to worry about all of that.

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Just two weeks ago Justin Trudeau moved forward with his plan to fight global warming by reducing fertilizer and bankrupt farmers in Canada.

Trudeau believes farmers must suffer for clean air and the greater good.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau and his family landed in a private jet unmasked in Costa Rica.

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Everyone one is equal. Some are more equal than others.

The video has over 3 million views.

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Mike Cernovich weighed in.

Source material can be found at this site.

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