Biden Sniffs Woman’s Hair, Gets Touchy-Feely with Girls as He Visits Families Impacted by Kentucky Floods (VIDEO)

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Biden just can’t help himself.

Joe Biden was eager to fondle girls and sniff hair after being cooped up for two weeks in Covid isolation at the White House.

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Biden arrived in Lexington, Kentucky Monday morning fresh out of Covid isolation to survey damage from the recent floods.

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Biden received a briefing on the response efforts to the flooding in Kentucky.

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A maskless Joe Biden repeatedly coughed into his hand as he sat next to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D).

Beshear leaned away from Biden as he hacked into his hand.

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Dr. Jill hovered over Joe to make sure he stayed in line as they visited families impacted by the Kentucky floods.

But he just couldn’t keep his paws off of young women.

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Creepy Joe even sniffed a woman’s hair.


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