Red Wave: Florida Flips Multiple ‘Woke’ School Boards from Liberal to Conservative

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Florida flipped multiple woke school boards from liberal to conservative on Tuesday.

Conservatives in Florida are fighting back against the left’s mission to brainwash children.

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The left is trying to force CRT, transgender propaganda and pronouns on young school kids.

The good guys won tonight.

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“We saw massive election victories all throughout the state of Florida tonight,” 1776 Project PAC founder Ryan Girdusky told Breitbart News Tuesday. “It shows the desire of parents and residents across the country for some normalcy in our education system, and that means pushing against transgender ideology, critical race theory, critical gender ideology, and equity which destroys merit in education.”

“The 1776 Project PAC hopes to take these successes across the country,” he said.

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Sarasota County

“All three of our endorsed candidates in Sarasota County, Florida have WON their elections.” 1776 Project Pac announced on Tuesday night.

“We just flipped the school board from a 3-2 liberal majority to 4-1 conservative.”

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Congrats to Bridget Ziegler, Robyn Marinelli, and Timothy Enos.

Recall, a Sarasota County school board member recently bragged about being ‘woke.’

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Clay County

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The school board is now 3-2 conservative majority.

Duval County

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The Duval County school board which includes Jacksonville, flipped from liberal to conservative Tuesday evening.

“DeSantis-backed candidates Charlotte Joyce and April Carney won their seats — Joyce was reelected and Carney defeated incumbent Elizabeth Andersen. Both candidates were also endorsed by the 1776 Project PAC.” Breitbart reported.

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Miami-Dade County

“Miami Dade is now the LARGEST county in America with a conservative school board majority.” 1776 Project Pac said.

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Martin County

All three conservative candidates backed by 1776 Project Pac won in Miami-Dade

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