Massive Power Outages Across Bay Area after California’s Grid Operator Declares Emergency Amid Soaring Temps

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Meanwhile in the Democrat hellhole of California…

Thousands of customers across the Bay Area were without power Monday afternoon amid a blistering heat wave.

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California’s grid operator on Monday declared an energy emergency amid soaring temps.

Californians were strongly urged to use less energy today between 5pm to 9pm to avoid rotating blackouts.

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People were urged to turn off appliances, turn up their thermostats and avoid charging electric vehicles during the peak hours.

More than 20,000 customers in North Bay, East Bay and South Bay were without power Monday afternoon.

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Temps in Sacramento reached 115 degrees today and now customers in the area are without power.

What a nightmare!

Image via PGE

KRON reported:

Pacific Gas Electric is reporting massive power outages across the Bay Area as the region sees high temperatures throughout the day. The North Bay, East Bay, and South Bay have all been hit hard by outages Monday afternoon.

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More than 20,000 customers across the Bay Area were without power. The largest outage is in Livermore, affecting more than 5,000 people. Below is a list of just some of the largest outages in the region:

  • Livermore: 5,666 customers without power
  • Cupertino: 2,187 customers without power
  • Pleasant Hill: 2,080 customers without power
  • Morgan Hill: 1,914 customers without power
  • Santa Clara: 1,582 customers without power
  • San Carlos: 1,489 customers without power
  • Walnut Creek: 1,346 customers without power
  • Pleasanton: 1,105 customers without power
  • Rohnert Park: 1,009 customers without power
  • San Jose: 1,072 customers without power
  • Vallejo: 882 customers without power

The numbers above were as of 6:40 p.m. There are other smaller outages not included in the list above.

Joe Biden’s incompetent Energy Secretary said the rest of the country should follow California’s radical ban on gas-powered vehicle sales.

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Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm touted California’s ban on gas-powered cars even though the state issued a flex alert asking Californians not to charge their electric vehicles during a sweltering heatwave to avoid rolling blackouts.

This is what Joe Biden wants for all Americans, except for the elites.

The elites will be able to charge their EVs or still enjoy their gas-powered fleets while the peasants are unable to drive or travel.

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