Police Union Calls Out Dem Senate Candidate Over Smears Of Police, History Of Disorderly Conduct With Officers

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Columbus Fraternal Order of Police President Jeff Simpson blasted Ohio Democrat Senate Candidate Tim Ryan — saying “he’s wrong for Ohio.”

Simpson pointed out that Ryan previously smeared the criminal justice system as the new Jim Crow and voted to eliminate qualified immunity.

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During a speech in 2019, Ryan said “I believe that the current criminal justice system is racist. I believe in my heart that it’s the new Jim Crow, a new version of it.”

The Daily Mail reported:

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‘Given Tim Ryan’s track record of calling police officers the new Jim Crow and voting to eliminate qualified immunity, it’s not surprise that this is the way he carries himself around law enforcement,’ Columbus Fraternal Order of Police President Jeff Simpson told DailyMail.com.

‘This trend of confrontational police encounters is not limited to his earlier years. Shamefully, this has been an ongoing problem with Mr. Ryan during his career in Congress.’

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Simpson added, ‘It’s just another indication that Tim Ryan lacks respect for the badge and all that it represents. He’s wrong for Ohio.’

Ryan also has a history of disorderly conduct with officers.

According to a police report, Ryan shouted “vulgarities’” at police and threw drinks at them while at a bar in 1995.

The police were dealing with an unruly bar patron at the time.

He tried to get out of trouble by saying his dad was a friend of a Bowling Green administrator.

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In 2012, Ryan was arrested for public intoxication after a staffer’s wedding. He refused a breathalyzer test and was ” increasingly uncooperative” with police. The charges were later dismissed.

In 2020, Tim Ryan signed a letter critical of police. This grew fierce backlash from Youngstown Police Chief Robin Lees.

WFMJ reported:

Youngstown Police Chief Robin Lees fired back at Congressman Tim Ryan in response to a letter Ryan signed that was critical of police.

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In Chief Lees’ letter sent to the congressman on Friday, he said that statement is “blatantly untrue,” and he is angry and offended by the allegations set forth in the document.

“In data collected by the FBI, the number of persons killed by police annually is fairly consistent with small variances from year to year,” according to Lees’ letter. “Then, to make a statement that ‘police brutality and violence is the leading cause of death among young men,’ is outrageous! No rebuttal to such a ridiculous statement is even necessary.”

And now Ryan wants to be a senator?

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