New Poll Shows Big Swing For Boebert’s Democrat Challenger, Leaving Her Vulnerable to Losing Race

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A new poll shows a big five-point swing in favor of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Democrat challenger Adam Frisch.

The outspoken congresswoman is now vulnerable to losing her seat if Republicans do not show up in a big way to vote for the race in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

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The Keating Research poll, conducted from Sept. 2 to October 2, shows Boebert with only a two-point edge over Fritch, a large shift from earlier polls where she was holding a solid lead.

“Boebert received support from 47% of likely voters, while Democrat Adam Frisch landed at 45% — making the race a statistical tie within the ±4.4 percentage point margin of error,” Axios reports. “7% of voters are undecided, per the poll.”

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In July, Boebert had a 49 percent to 42 percent lead.

“With Boebert under 50%, that means she is vulnerable to losing this race,” Chris Keating, president and founder of Keating Research, told Axios Denver on Tuesday.

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Keating is considered to be one of the most accurate pollsters in Colorado.

The Axios report noted that FiveThirtyEight still gives Boebert a 98% chance of winning a second term.

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