“Put Down Hunter’s Crack Pipe” – Kari Lake Tells Anti-Trump Consultants And Media To Pound Sand, Hugs President Trump At Mesa, Arizona Rally

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Last night, Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake was brought up on stage with President Trump during his Save America rally in Mesa, Arizona, and she showed him how much she loves him with a big hug.

“I know for a fact President Trump loves Arizona, but President Trump, I think Arizona loves you even more. I really do,” said Kari Lake as the crowd erupted with cheers.

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Lake called out the “know-nothing consultants” and the Fake News Media that says she needs to distance herself from President Trump, saying they need to “put down Hunter’s crack pipe.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on an epic interview where Kari told the crackheads at CNN, “You really need to put down the crack pipe, Hunter’s crack pipe. You really believe Joe Biden won by 81 million votes?”

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She then promised to never back away from President Trump or the people of Arizona as she hugged President Trump.

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Her opponent, racist Katie Hobbs, tweeted about Lake and President Trump Last night, attacking them and claiming “the 2020 election was the most secure in AZ history,” which is a complete lie.

The Gateway Pundit reported extensively on the Maricopa County election audit, which found hundreds of thousands of fraudulent, illegal, or questionable ballots were counted.

Katie Hobbs acted as the Arizona audit’s biggest opponent, fighting transparency and voter integrity every step of the process.

Hobbs is also a left-wing extremist who publicly referred to Republicans as “neo-Nazis” in the past. She now labels anybody who questions the 2020 election results a “conspiracy theorist.”

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Hobbs must stepp down from her role as Secretary of State in her own election for governor, but she refuses. She will likely attempt to cheat again, just like in 2020, and Arizona needs to outnumber the massive voter fraud.

President Trump called Kari Lake up on stage with him last night, and the crowd went wild chanting her name.

Here, she made a promise to stick with President Trump’s America First agenda and never step away from the people of Arizona.

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Lake: Oh man, Arizona, you’re too good to me. Do you love this guy or what? I know for a fact President Trump loves Arizona, but President Trump, I think Arizona loves you even more. I really do. Is that right? Why wouldn’t we love him? Think about it, let’s go back in history here just a few years. record low inflation. Our 401K’s looks great. I just talked to a neighbor who’s lost a third of his retirement savings since Joe Biden took office. We were doing great. Our kids were safe because our streets were safe. He supported the police. We had great times under President Trump, and we miss you so much, President Trump. Now I gotta tell you, I have some of these know-nothing consultants who tell me, “you know, you really need to back away from President Trump right now.” And I say to them, “put down Hunter’s crack pipe right now.”Wouldn’t it be horrible? Wouldn’t it be horrible? What would it say about my character if I stepped away from my friends? If I step away from my friends, that means I would step away from you, and I will never step away from the people of Arizona. And so, for those know-nothing consultants and the media, I want to show you what it looks like when I step away from President Trump.

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