Analyst: 25 Days From 2022 Election, Early Voting Requests Are 57 Million Below 2020

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So far in 2022, there have been 16.2 million early voting requests and 2.04 million early votes cast.

This is far less than ahead of the 2020 election.

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Twenty-five days before election day in 2020, there were 73.5 million early voting requests and 7.55 million early votes.

This is according to John Couvillon, Founder and CEO of JMC Analytics Polling.

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Jim Hoft, the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, published a message to GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel after she told Republicans to vote early.

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Excerpt from the piece: 

During their conversation Ronna McDaniel urged Republicans to vote early.

This suggests she’s either clueless or controlled opposition.

Here is our response to Ronna McDaniel.

ATT: Ronna McDaniel
RNC Chairwoman

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Dear Ronna,

Please Vote on Election Day, and in Person! Yesterday on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom show you said:

“I would ask that people “early vote” and in person. Do early vote, in person. That’s gonna be open in almost every State next week. Vote as soon as you can. I just went to my own County Clerk and voted in person.”

Those fighting for election integrity over the past few years are stunned by that comment. You’re suggesting people vote almost 3 weeks before election day. This would allow Democrats massive insight into who voted, who has not, areas of low participation, the vote gaps in races, and much more. In the days and weeks leading up to election day, Democrats have near real time data on mail-in ballots, in-person voters, UOCAVA (uniform military and overseas voters), provisional, everything. Their voting analytics systems rival that of NASA.

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Conservatives can help disrupt their massive insight by shortening the opportunity of Democrat election malfeasance. That means you vote on election day, and in person. GP readers are acutely aware that Democrats use various methods to obtain insight into how many votes they need to win. Instead of giving Democrats 3 weeks to influence an election, legally or otherwise, you reduce this window to just a few hours by voting in person. Early in-person voting already started September 23rd in four States. Ronna, our elections have become nothing more than “glorified surveys”.

As an example, one Democrat analytics firm posts in-person voter totals on Twitter. Their analyst did this for the 2020 General and again for the 2022 Primaries. He posts charts showing exactly how many voted in-person, by party, ballot requested over the previous 60 minutes. For instance, shortly after 9AM he posts how many voted between 6-9AM. Shortly after 10AM he posts totals from 6A-10AM, and so on. There’s a new chart at the top of every hour, until the polls close. They have access to this data when the election officially starts, not just election day.

In the past, this company UpLift has posted mail-in ballot details on their website as ballots arrive in the weeks leading up to election day. That Twitter account shows they also dissect to the precinct level. If this is what they share publicly, imagine the data they have privately. Many wish conservative rural Counties would withhold voting results until all sketchy liberal jurisdictions report, even it this takes days. We need to disrupt their election insight because this is what triggers their extensive voter fraud.

The numbers say Republicans and Democrats are avoiding early ballots this year.

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Here’s more data on early voting:

Is a red wave coming on election day?

Source material can be found at this site.

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