BREAKING: Corrupt Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas President Trump

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The group of corrupt actors on the Jan 6 Committee just released their letter subpoenaing President Trump.

This was reported moments ago.

The letter notes that the corrupt committee “interviewed more than a thousand witnesses”.  But the committee never interviewed the people on the ground on election day.  They never reviewed the hundreds of affidavits after the 2020 Election indicating fraud at multiple locations across the country.

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The Jan 6 committee never asked experts on the stolen 2020 Election what evidence they have to support this.

The Jan 6 committee also never spoke with the mothers of the individuals who died and/or were murdered on Jan 6.  They made multiple accusations that police were murdered that day but they were not, only Trump supporters.

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The Jan 6 gang, led by outgoing Liz Cheney who lost her race in Wyoming in a record-setting landslide want to bring in President Trump to testify but they ignore the actions of corrupt Speaker Pelosi who prevented the military from being there.

This committee isn’t fair-minded and objective which is what is required in our Constitution.  If it was it would have allowed rebuttals and questioning from President Trump’s attorneys.

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It will be great fun to watch President Trump destroy these corrupt actors who are as biased and corrupt as the Mueller gang.

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See the letter below:

Source material can be found at this site.

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