Members of “New California” Sue California’s SOS and Sacramento Registrar to Prevent Them from Retroactively Purchasing Non-Tested or Certified Voting Machines

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Members of New California are suing the California Secretary of State and the Registrar-Clerk of Sacramento County for attempting to retroactively purchase voting machines that are neither tested nor certified according to state law. 

Members in the effort to create the new state of New California are suing the California Secretary of State and Sacramento County’s Registrar-Clerk to prevent the retroactive purchase of voting machines that have not been properly tested or certified according to state law.

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We’ve been reporting on the state of “New California”.  This effort is being led by citizens in the state of California who believe the state is acting unconstitutionally and they can no longer be a part of that state.  These individuals are using the West Virginia model used during the Civil War to create their new state – the state of New California.

The State of New California Takes One Step Closer to Being America’s 51st State


Paul Preston from the state of New California and others are suing the California Secretary of State, Shirley Weber and local Sacramento County Registrars to prevent them from purchasing voting machines that are not tested and not certified according to California state law.

The county is trying to retroactively purchase voting machines in the county that are neither tested or certified.  These machines were used in the June election and the county is attempting to use them again in two weeks in the November election.

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The machines have not been tested or certified but they were already used and the state of California and Sacramento County is planning on using them again and voting on this in an upcoming meeting.

See the court filing below.

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Source material can be found at this site.

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