UH OH! Dem Congressional Campaign Chief At Risk Of Losing Seat

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Chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is running in New York’s 17th District – this is a seat Joe Biden won by 10 points.

Now, Maloney is at risk of losing the race.

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GOP candidate Mike Lawler is running to unseat Maloney.

The Epoch Times reported:

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As the midterms draw near, the Democratic House campaigns chief finds himself at risk of losing the race for New York’s 17th District, an area that President Joe Biden won by 10 points in 2020.

As chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) has been busy trying to help vulnerable Democrats across the country defend their seats in tough races.

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That Maloney, 56, himself has become one of those Democrats represents a political embarrassment to the party, experts say, adding that this could be a harbinger for liberal defeats in many supposed Democrat strongholds.

The recent designation of the 17th Congressional District race to toss-up status by an independent pollster has created a pall amongst Democrats both in New York and nationally, said the experts.

The race was initially not viewed as one that would be close.

Outside groups are now donating millions to help Maloney win.

One group, VoteVets, donated $1.2 million in TV ads to help Maloney.

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Politico reported:

Republicans first targeted House Democratic campaigns chief Sean Patrick Maloney’s blue district here in the Hudson Valley as an act of trolling their arch-nemesis. Now they’re taking their prospects seriously.

And so is Maloney. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair and his allies are answering the GOP’s escalation with millions of dollars from outside groups, while Maloney steps up his already grueling campaign schedule at home.

Swooping in to rescue their own campaigns chief is the last place Democrats wanted to be in the final days of the midterms. His struggles have led some in the party to rethink their tendency to elect swing-seat DCCC leaders, but for the moment Maloney’s just looking to hang on.

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Even deep blue districts could flip!

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