Died Suddenly film review: It’s a powerful showcase of vaccine dangers – original story RETRACTED with explanation

Image: Died Suddenly film review: It’s a powerful showcase of vaccine dangers – original story RETRACTED with explanation
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(Natural News)
After publishing a detailed story here about the Died Suddenly film, I am retracting the original full text and replacing with this short explanation.

Stew Peters has responded to me, and we have had a conversation about this film, its role in waking people up, and the issue of the importance of raising awareness about all this in a time when millions of people’s lives are at stake. I have also spoken with Dr. Jane Ruby, and she is a natural born healer who wants people to get along and work together, to her credit.

My original story praised the film’s efforts, pointed out some of the critical issues that others were raising with the film, and asked the question of why Dr. Jane Ruby’s work wasn’t covered in this film. That was my entire intention of the original article.

What I have witnessed happening since publishing this original story is that this has set off a firestorm of criticism against Stew Peters and the film which I did not intend, nor anticipate. Many people misinterpreted my intention in this, and I began to see that this story was being used to try to attack Stew Peters or to discredit the film itself, which as I stated earlier is a powerful film that carries a critical message for humanity. It was never my intention to attack Stew Peters. I have repeatedly promoted his work and his videos. We have covered his work editorially many times. I agree with the core message of this film, and it needs to be seen by billions, not just millions.

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Importantly, I do not wish for my questions to be used in any way to discredit the film. In fact, my entire intention was to ask for credit to be given to Dr. Ruby, and nothing more. Perhaps I underestimated the reach of this platform in publishing this story, as this has set off a controversy that I did not intend and that I think is distracting from the film itself, which carries a critical message for our time.

I acknowledge that everyone involved here, myself, Stew Peters, Dr. Jane Ruby and others, have all worked tirelessly to help save lives and try to empower others with the knowledge they need to know about the mRNA experimental jabs (and the very real death risks associated with it).

Perhaps instead of asking what was missing from the film, I should have just thanked the people who put it together, and who are enduring a barrage of unfair, bad faith criticism from the vax-pimping media. So for the record I wish to thank Stew Peters and his crew for producing and funding this film, and I want to thank Dr. Jane Ruby for all her work in this area. I also say thank you to the doctors and embalmers who put their lives and careers on the line, sticking their necks out, risking it all, just to try to warn the public with the truth about what’s happening here. All who were involved deserve credit for their efforts.

I want the truth to succeed, and I want those who have the courage to expose it to succeed as well. I regret that my original story here was wildly misinterpreted, but it is true that emotions are running high these days, and that’s exactly why I have retracted the original story and replaced it with this explanation.

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I will be more careful in the future, in working to anticipate how my words here might be misconstrued or twisted into an attack I did not intend. Thank you for your understanding.

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