Chris Wray, Bill Barr and Paul Ryan Are Part the Gang Behind Russiagate and Lies About Hunter Biden Laptop

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Kash Patel was on the War Room with Steve Bannon this morning and they discussed the corrupt Deep State noting that it involves players from both parties.  

Kash Patel shared on the Bannon War Room this morning the following:

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In 60 seconds let’s go from Russiagate to the laptop.  Remember Russiagate was the largest criminal conspiracy propagated by the like of James Comey and his cabal and oh yeah, James Baker, the former General Counsel of the FBI who just happens to be Twitter’s General Counsel.  We’ll get to that story in a second.

These guys intentionally perpetrated this crime then they lied to the FISA Court.  They lied to the American people and the radical left media let them get away with it because they were their co-conspirators and they didn’t want the truth out.


Now here’s my problem as a former federal prosecutor when we talk about receipts.  These documents exist, and they existed that entire time and we only got about half of them out…

Patel goes on to share that former AG Bill Barr and current FBI Head, Chris Wray permitted any investigation of Hunter Biden to be “tanked”.

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Why didn’t Bill Barr and Chris Wray put out this information [on the Hunter laptop]?  And why, more importantly why did they authorize the FBI to have weekly meetings with Twitter and Facebook up to the 2020 Election about Hunter Biden’s laptop so they could craft a false narrative.  It’s Russiagate on replay on a monumentally bigger scale…

…Our government, our DOJ and FBI, have actually caused and permitted a two-tiered system of justice to be on display…

Patel then goes on to point out that corrupt former GOP Speaker Paul Ryan received a copy of the Steele Dossier six months before Patel and then Rep. Devin Nunes had a copy.

He and his staff never told us.  The committee in charge of the crime scene it was investigating was not given a central piece of evidence but Paul Ryan was.  It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing, you’re totally right.

Patel then discusses that corrupt James Baker is still with Twitter.

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