Tucker Carlson Tells Tulsi Gabbard What Changed His Mind About Trump In 2015 (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson recently appeared on the Tulsi Gabbard podcast.

One of the things he talked about was how his mind was changed about Trump back in 2015 during the campaign.

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It was all about the questions Trump was asking that no one else in Washington was asking.

This is what changed a lot of people’s minds about Trump.

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Real Clear Politics provides a transcript:

TUCKER CARLSON: I wasn’t against the system at all. Really what changed me was watching Trump in 2015. And I knew Trump before because I’m in the media, so I had known Trump, not well, for 15 years before — a long time. And I thought he was kind of a buffoon. I still think that sometimes. But what changed my view wasn’t Trump, it was the reaction to Trump among my neighbors.

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So Trump would say something in his florid, orange way. Like, “Wh are we funding NATO?” And that was the one that got me. I’d never questioned NATO because I grew up during the Cold War, and NATO was the bulwark against Soviet aggression in Western Europe. My dad worked for the government, so like, we were totally for NATO, why wouldn’t we be? But that ended in August of 1991, I was on my honeymoon when the Soviet Union collapsed, but we still had NATO in 2015? What was the point?

I’d never thought about it in my life. And Trump said, “Why are we funding NATO?” And I thought that was a really interesting question. I don’t know why. What’s the answer?

My neighbors were like, “Shut up! He must be killed!”

OK, maybe shut up and he must be killed, but what’s the answer to the question?

Why are we funding NATO? Is there a good reason? “Shut up!”

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They were so hysterical about obvious and basic common sense questions about the way things were working that that was a tell to me. I was stunned by it, actually.

Watch the video below:

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Great points from Tucker, as usual.

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